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Got used to a Comfort Zone?

What is a comfort zone? It seems that the word comfort sounds very pleasant. It is all that makes life convenient and full of pleasure. The term "comfort zone" is typically represents unwillingness to change anything. Even if there is nothing good for us in certain area, but we just got used to it. People say - it's a way of life. We do things automatically, according to the scheme that has already been developed in our heads for long time. It seems and feels to be convenient, but such a life is just a transition from one day to another, which does not bring new things and brings less and less excitement and meaning. Do we develop ourselves, do we see life full of colors? ⠀

Leaving the comfort zone means to follow a new way, to apply your skills, knowledge, hidden talents and explore, explore, explore....

The change doesnt have to come immediately. It is proven fact that employes who are engaed in external to work activities and challenges are more creative and engaged at work and also having better chances to progress in their career.

Playing intellectual games, such as offered by can be a start of interesting change in your life, an opportunity to look on things from another angle.

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