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Casino Royal - Christmas Event

On Dec 5 team have conducted an amazing Christmas event in a Casino Royal Style for one of our clients. The guests were instructed to prepare themselves in a dress code and tune-up mentally. All were very excited and were looking forward during few weeks of personal preparations including dresses, tuxedos, and character tuning (most gentlemen were playing James Bond roles).

The thematic music and variety of drinks created really nice atmosphere transferring all into a dream world of secret agents and preparing the guests for the games.

During the event the guests were making bets with real casino chips (though no real money involved) on real casino games - Roulette and Blackjack. Some of the guests preferred no betting at all and have chosen our well selected escape puzzles and quizzes or a lucky-wheel.

At the end of the event when we did the calculations selecting the winners. There were some guests who lost all their chips within the first hour and there were some who made a really great achievements - winning times 20 (!) or even more from initial chip value they got. Definitely the luck was playing on their side. Even those who didn't win much were having a great time.

The entire team had an opportunity to look on each other from different angle, having great time and disconnecting from day-to-day routine.

We are thankful to our client for giving us this opportunity and hosting team for this fascinating event.

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