Adults also play games...?

Is a game a kids-only concept? ⠀

Let's start with some theory. A game typically is an activity that is not productive. Its aim is not a result, but rather the process itself. Our brain is build in a way that stimulates try and error from a very first moment of our lives. This process we call game when we are young and its clear why children need and like to play- this way they learn the world.

And what happens with you, adults? There are many different types and categories of games in which adults are playing. Business games are actively used in management theory teaching. They simulate typical professional situations and practical solutions are found during the games. In the military camps soldiers play war games - solve practical problems on the ground and use topographic maps. Every year millions are spent on tactical and strategic simulators. Pilots are polishing their skills in real size flight simulators. All this is done to train the reactions of the professionals so that in the real environment they will be more productive knowing their own limits and capabilities.

In the latest years intellectual games such as Escape games and Quizzes became more and more popular. They do not solve any practical or business problem, but simulate various non-standard situations, scenarios which allow players to apply their skills, talents, apply non-standard solutions.

as we already mentioned in our previous posts - diversity of the contributors creates a synergistic thinking training the team to be more creative via a non-consequential try and error process. Like with pilots and military- such games on team level might certainly promise that in the real working environment they will be more productive knowing their own limits and capabilities as a team.

Escape games and quizzes stimulate team creativity boosting team productivity

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